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Victoria Falls

Vic Falls is the adrenaline capital of the world and home to the famous falls. I've had two full days two see the falls and do some of the many activities offered. I went to see the falls yesterday, I knew I would get wet, but I was not prepared for how wet I would get. I might as well have jumped in the pool with all my clothes on, it wouldn't have made any difference, I couldn't have gotten any more wet. The falls were amazing, they span alomst 2 km. At times it was really hard to see through all the water mist. You can actually see the mist several km away raising up into the air, it's like the smoke of a vulcano.

I booked an adventure package including a sunset cruise on the Zambezi river and two free activities of your choice. I did the helicopter flight, it's only 15 min, it takes you over the falls, it was nice to see it from the air since all the mist made it difficult to see it all from the ground.
And nice to be in a helicopter without a survival suite on going offshore. Yeasterday ended with the sunset cruise, it was a nice trip, we were on a small boat, just 8 of us, and we got to see hippos! My first hippos!! The sunset was really nice as well.
I also did a half day adrenaline package as part of the deal, including the flying fox, the zip line and the gorge swing. We started out nice and easy with the flying fox followed by the zip line. The flying fox is a wire across the gorge fastended at approx the same hight at both sides. You are attatched to the wire with your harness on backwards. You run off a platform an soar oaver the gorge imitating Superman, but without the cape. Easy, nothing to it really. Next was the zip line. It's quite steep and reaches over 100 km/h. A little more nervous this time, but great fun. Last but not at all least, the gorge swing! The group of volunteers that went to Vic Falls did both the bungy jump and the gorge swing and came back saying that the gorge swing was more scary than the bungy. It didn't cool my nerves ant more while I was strapped in.
The gorge swing is kind of like a bungy jump, it's a 70 m free fall, but as the ropes are connected to a wire spanning the gorges it turns into a swing when the ropes finally catches you. There were two of us this morning doing the swing, the other guy was clearly more of an adrenaline junky than me, he did the swing head first from a handstand on the platform. There was no way I was doing that! I went the boring way, feet first. The ropes were so heavy they almost dragged me over the edge and into the abyss by their weight alone when I was released from the rope securing me to the platform. The first three sec were scary but when I got over the fear it was actually not all that bad, I would do it again if given the possibility.

The 2nd part of the day has been spent canoeing on the river. I really wanted to do the white water rafting, but sadly it was canceled due to the high water level. So I ended up doing canoeing instead. Not quite as exiting as rafting, we only passed a few lower grade rapids, the rest were smooth paddeling. But we got to see elephants on the bank of the river, some of tham taking a bath in the river, cooling off. We also got to see one hippo and one crockodile, that is we saw two eyes sticking up of the water.

I must say, I feel a bit bad acting like a tourist and spending a whole lot of money on all these activities when the same amount of money I've spent jumping into a gorge could feed a family for weeks. Life isn't easy for a lot of people her in Zimbabwe, a lot of people have no job, no money and no food. It must be really hard for them to watch us spending so much money on pointless things. There are people on the streets asking for clothes. I gave a way a lot of my clothes to some of the staff at Antelope Park before I left, including my fleece jacket. I had a hard time parting with that jacket, but when I think of all the clothes I have at home the decision was easy. I reallt hope things turn for the better for these nice friendly people soon!

Tomorrow it's on to Livingstone, Zambia to meet up with the safari group for the 7 day trip through Botzwana to Johannesburg.
Bye bye Zim!! I'll be back!!

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What an amazing adventure you are having Christine - love to read your long and detailed entries :)

by Terje Sundberg

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